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Cold Brewed Coffee

Whether you enjoy your coffee in your PJ’s at home reading the news headlines or you prefer to get your caffeine fix at the office, First Tracks Cold Brew is your go-to for quality, flavorful and organic cold brew coffee. We work closely with Hunter Bay in Arvada as our coffee supplier and roaster quite simply because we love what they do and how they do it. They specialize in slow roasting their small batch coffee to bring out rich, never boring flavors. We have selected two of our favorite Hunter Bay organic flavors that are then cold brewed to perfection.

First Tracks Cold Brew

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FIRST TRACKS Cold Brewed Coffee Options
Hunter Bay Coffee Moosedrool

Moose Drool
Dark Roast Cold Brew Coffee

Moose Drool is a pleasing combination of opposites — a dark roast coffee with a smooth, mild aftertaste; rich, thick and stout but also naturally sweet with a hint of brown sugar, caramel and spice; suitable to drink everyday with breakfast and to serve alongside a rich dessert after dinner. It emerges from the roaster dark brown in color with a translucent ebony sheen and bursting with rich flavors of semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla caramel.

Hunter Bay Coffee Backcountry

Medium Roast Cold Brew Coffee

Back Country is an intensely flavored mix of three aromatic, high-grown Arabica coffees blended and roasted medium to create a smooth, full-bodied brew with a hint of natural cocoa flavor, spiciness and malt sweetness. We test-drove this blend years ago on a remote Montana backpacking trip and agreed that it was the perfect companion for backcountry adventures. We roast Back Country to a medium roast to highlight the subtle flavors of spice and malt in this complex blend of high-grown coffees to produce a full-bodied brew with a deep sweetness usually associated with darker roast coffees.

First Tracks Cold Brew Coffee & Teas

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